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Crooked River Candle™

Winter Decor-5 Wood Wick-Scented Candle-Whitewash Dough Bowl

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25+ ounces | Soy Blend | Large wood dough bowl | 5 wood wicks | adorned with burlap, and wood flower or seasonal décor based on scent such as berries and/or replica greens. Candles come cellophane wrapped to protect them during shipping and against dust until ready for use. Dimensions: 22"-24" L x 5"-7" W x 3"-4" H Initial Burn should always be 4 hours or until a full melt pool has reached the edges of the container. After the life of the candle, wash bowl out with hot soapy water and reuse as a planter, or decorative piece.

Care information

Change the water every 2-3 days and utilize flower food. Trim the bottom of the stems at least once per week. Keep out of direct sunlight. For an even longer life, you can place the arrangement in your refrigerator at night.