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Pawprints Wall Frame and Paw Impression Kit

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• Dog and cat lovers everywhere will adore this pawprints wall frame • Includes one medium density fiberboard frame, impression clay, rolling pin, adhesive tab, and ruler for shaping and cutting • This pawprints frame says right away, “all my children have paws” to anyone who sees it. This pet frame is perfect as pet owner gift or as a gift for pet owners. This keepsake pet frame also acts as a charming piece of home décor that dog and cat lovers will adore • Tip and Tricks: make sure pet is happy, calm, and fed. Roll out clay on a flat surface. Place the animal’s paw against the clay material and press evenly. The clay is pet-safe and non-toxic so no worries! • Photo insert: 4” x 6” • Materials: wood, standard glass, and 100% pet safe clay • Product dimensions: 11.75” W x 9.4” H x 1.4” D • Packaging dimensions: 12.25” W x 9.5” H x 2.5” D

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Change the water every 2-3 days and utilize flower food. Trim the bottom of the stems at least once per week. Keep out of direct sunlight. For an even longer life, you can place the arrangement in your refrigerator at night.