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New England Bells Dog Collar Bell

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These dog collar bells are a wonderful safety tool when hiking during hunting season, playing at the beach and great attention-getters in parades or other public events.

The solid brass Dog Collar Bells are made with 1” wide, weather resistant, low maintenance, easy to clean, Brahma Webb material with a heavy duty snap to quickly attach to your dogs collar or harness. These bells emit a sound easily heard from a distance, in the thickest grasses or darkest night. The loop will snap over collars up to 1 1/2 inches wide. Available in Black or Hunter Orange. There are 3 different size bells with 3 different tones.

  • #1 Bell: Smallest Bell, highest softest tone, great for smaller dogs.
  • #2 Bell: Medium Sized Bell, most popular, perfect for Labrador sized dogs or Horse Halters
  • #4 Bell: Large Bell, loud tone, best for large dogs or hunting dogs.

These also work well on horse halters, cow and goat collars, belts and even kids!

Care information

Change the water every 2-3 days and utilize flower food. Trim the bottom of the stems at least once per week. Keep out of direct sunlight. For an even longer life, you can place the arrangement in your refrigerator at night.