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Inis Scented Candle 6.7 fl. Oz.

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With a scent as refreshing and uplifting as a sunny day by the sea, you can fragrance any room with the sparkling scent of Inis the Energy of the Sea.

A sparkling, clean fragrance that captures the feeling of a sunny day by the sea.

About:  This Inis candle is a blend of natural waxes including paraffin and triglycerides. A small amount of beeswax is added which helps with the burning properties. The wicks are all made with 100% cotton and is Borax free. Burn time is 40+ hours.

Care information

Change the water every 2-3 days and utilize flower food. Trim the bottom of the stems at least once per week. Keep out of direct sunlight. For an even longer life, you can place the arrangement in your refrigerator at night.