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Santa Fe Stoneworks

Gemstones Exotics 4" Liner Lock Pocket Knife with Damascus Steel Blade

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This single sided Gemstones Exotic 4" linear lock pocket knife features a 3" Damascus stainless steel blade. makes the perfect gift. The backside is wood with a pocket clip. 

The Gemstone Exotic Collection is the most popular collection from Santa Fe Stoneworks. It is a limited series that is offered until their supply of the extraordinarily beautiful gemstones are exhausted. The two knives in stock are made of:

  • Kingman Green Turquoise from Arizona; Abalone from the Baja, Bronze and Zinc from Mother Earth. Toss in some alchemy and the artisan’s eye for spectacular color combinations and you have our new Gemstone Exotic Collection.
  • Obsidian from Arizona; Abalone from the Baja, Bronze and Zinc from Mother Earth.

The blade is made of Damascus steel which is characterized by its strength, edge holding ability and dramatic appearance. The Damascus steel used in these knives comes from Japan and is 'Sanmai Damascus' or sandwich Damascus. There is a core of VG-10 'Super Stainless Steel' with 16 layers of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel on each side, then pressed between two steel plates with holes and ball bearings to produce the 'Raindrop Damascus' rust free blade with 33 layers of steel.

This product is made by Santa Fe Stoneworks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This products come with a warranty as long as you own the product. Covered items are any parts proven to be defective in material or workmanship; however, specifically excluded are any problems due to misuse or abuse. Register the product online at 

Care information

Change the water every 2-3 days and utilize flower food. Trim the bottom of the stems at least once per week. Keep out of direct sunlight. For an even longer life, you can place the arrangement in your refrigerator at night.